US will be self-reliant in energy in 5-7 years

Feb 13 2013, 15:01 IST
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SummaryMukesh Ambani hasnt given a TV interview in almost a decade. He has never let TV cameras into his 27-storey home in Mumbai.

just by investing in Reliance out of ordinary Indians. And that is the process of creating wealth for the country. Once you create opportunity, wealth comes.

But do you agree, you youve heard all this criticism, that you, in particular, have responsibility. You are the richest Indian. You run the largest company in India. You live in this fabulous house that was, you know, talked about much. Do you see yourself as having a special responsibility?

Yes, of course. The way I think about these things is I really have my father as -- as -- as my role model. And he started off, uh, with nothing. And one of the things that he said to me is that you really dont know, Mukesh, what it is to be poor, right. And make sure that you maintain everybodys self-respect. So when you give, people hold their hand on this basis, dont give on that basis, right. When you give, and if people hold their hand like this, that means they bless you. Thats the way to give. And in a certain sense, some amount of anonymous giving or doing things that change societies, doing things that leave a lasting impact, and even if it be creation of businesses, creation of jobs, right, creation of sustainable institutions that last beyond you, is the best way that you can contribute to India.

Mukesh Ambani, a pleasure to have you on. Thank you, Fareed. It was a pleasure.

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