10 Destinations for adrenaline junkies

Mar 31 2014, 16:24 IST
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Extreme adventure tourism is the latest fashion trend amongst the adrenaline junkies. Extreme adventure tourism is the latest fashion trend amongst the adrenaline junkies.
SummaryExtreme adventure tourism is the latest fashion trend amongst the adrenaline junkies.

Cheapflights.com, flight search and comparison website, has named the most extreme destinations topping the ‘if I’m brave enough’ lists of 2014.

Swimming with Sharks - Fiji

There are no cages protecting divers on this extreme adventure dive with sharks at Beqa Island in Fiji. There’s just a rope separating the diver from ‘the arena’ of feeding sharks. Eight species of shark, as far as the goggled eye can see, including huge bull sharks, reef sharks, grey nurse, silvertip and the tiger shark. Beqa Island, a favourite with honeymooners, is home to Aqua Trek, who offer the ultimate shark encounter which includes two shark dives, in case once wasn’t enough.

Volcano Bungee Jumping – Chile

Turn up the heat on bungee jumping and dive head first into an active volcano near Pucon, Chile - from a helicopter. The helicopter flies into the caldera of the volcano where you bungee jump within 700 ft of molten lava. After the jump, you stay suspended from the helicopter and travel around 130km, hanging more than 100 metres underneath the helicopter.

Cycling Death Road - La Paz, Bolivia

This is the ultimate downhill mountain biking adventure, on the road dubbed “the world’s most dangerous”. There’s 64kilometer of continuous downhill riding, a couple of flat stretches and only one short uphill section. Riding along a single lane road, shared with traffic, there’s a 3.6 kilometer drop down a sheer cliff face on the downhill side of the road. With this extreme ride, comes an extreme contrast in conditions starting from snow-covered high altitude plains, riding down to the steaming Amazonian jungle.

Base Jumping – Mexico

This extreme base jump, into the mouth of a cave deep enough to house a high-rise building, is the ultimate challenge for adventure hounds who like to jump off static objects with a parachute. The Cave of the Swallows in the rainforest of San Luis Potosi in Mexico has a 333 metre drop - and while the opening of the cave is only 48 metres wide, it opens to an area of 300 x 120 metres at the bottom, leaving plenty of room for a parachute. Without a parachute it takes around 10 seconds to freefall from ground level at the mouth of the cave to the floor.

Tour a War Zone

If you really want to go one up on your friends in bragging rights and see where the action is, then War Zone Tours should provide your

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