42 per cent Brits snub Valentine’s Day

Feb 13 2013, 13:26 IST
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Valentine's day turn off. (thinkstock) Valentine's day turn off. (thinkstock)
SummaryThey consider it as the biggest turn-off of the year.

Nearly half of Britain sulk it out on Valentine’s Day as they consider it as the biggest turn-off of the year.

A new survey has found that 42 per cent of the population are sick of the annual day of romance and think it is a huge letdown, the Daily Star reported.

A huge 57 per cent of men and 39 per cent of women said they do not want to receive pricey cards or presents this year.

Meanwhile, 45 per cent refuse to go out to a restaurant, preferring a quiet night in.

However, not all love’s lost as two-thirds of Brits admit that they will be no more affectionate to their partner on Valentine’s Day than on any other day.

Research by TV streaming service Blinkbox also revealed that February 14 also provides an excuse for love rats to cheat.

One in 10 men in a relationship has given a Valentine’s card to someone else.

And a cheeky 6 percent of randy blokes have kissed someone other than their partner.

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