48% consider their work as ‘just a job’

Jan 29 2014, 01:39 IST
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SummaryA Monster, GfK survey finds 48% of Indians consider their employment to be ‘just a job’, versus 43% who see their role as part of a career

With nearly half of Indians , Indians considering their current employment to be ‘just a job’, what’s happening to job satisfaction? According to the recently released global survey of Monster India and GfK, an independent global market research company, covering 8,000 workers, including over 400 in India, 48% of Indians consider their current employment to be ‘just a job’, versus 43% who see their role as part of a career.

“Those aged 18-24 years are most likely to be career-minded, with 46% saying they consider their employment as part of a career path rather than just being a job for the time being. Older workers are less career-minded compared to their younger colleagues, with this figure dropping to 35% for those aged between 50-64 years,” said Sanjay Modi, managing director, Monster.com (India/Middle East/South East Asia).

A combination of factors is dampening the mindset of the workforce, and the size of the pay check is just one of the reasons for people quitting jobs and looking for change.

“The main objective of Monster to undertake the GfK survey is to evaluate job satisfaction amongst the workforce in India, map issues and access their temperament in order to equip employers to know their workforce better. And since money can’t buy happiness, there are many variables to job satisfaction—the size of the pay check is only one aspect,” said Modi.

However, when it comes to international results, the results show French workers are the most to say they have a ‘career’ rather than ‘just a job’ (70%), followed by Canada (69%) and the US (57%).

“France and Canada top the rankings with people seeing themselves as working within a career, when both also score highly on work-life balance—people in both countries work fewer hours than the average worker in an OECD-member country, according to the organisation’s Better Life Index,” added Modi.

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