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Dec 13 2013, 12:20 IST
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The car camera captures Aamir Khan on his BMW bike The car camera captures Aamir Khan on his BMW bike
SummaryDirector Vijay Krishna Acharya recalls shooting chase sequences on BMW mobikes for Dhoom 3 in Chicago

Dhoom 3 is set in Chicago and a major part of the film was shot in this US city over a 80 day schedule. The three lead actors Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra shot several action sequences during this time on different versions of high-end BMW motorcycles! While Uday and Abhishek were trained at doing stunts on bikes, Aamir had to be trained in speed. Director Vijay Krishna Acharya, or Victor as he is known, recalls shooting some thrilling sequences.

Death-defying stunts

The most electrifying action scene in the trailer which has garnered a lot of eyeballs, is when Aamir is speeding on his BMW motorcycle and then swiftly slides under a truck. It was one of the most challenging scenes and was interestingly shot on the first day of the shoot in Chicago.”

“We decided to start our outdoor shoot with this exciting action scene to bring everyone on the same page. As the camera car and the bike were both speeding over 70 km per hour, the production house had blocked a street in Chicago so that no person strayed onto the road. I remember, when I was coming almost to the end of the road, I suddenly saw these two persons appearing from nowhere and walking along the pavement and I thought to myself where the hell did these people come from? Later, the assistant told me that it was a last minute decision to include them to make the sequence look more realistic! But for a minute, it really shook me,” says Victor.

On the fast track

Many sequences were shot in the night and Victor recalls shooting a long sequence with Abhishek Bachchan chasing Aamir on Wacker Drive in Chicago with both driving at unbelievably high speed. “It was past midnight and extremely cold that day. But I was surprised to see the one and a half kilometer stretch packed with people. I was told that Wacker drive has a lot of Indians and Pakistanis and they had come to see the actors. It was a true measure of their popularity,” he quips.

By the quay side

Chicago city, recalls the director, is beautiful with a river running through the middle with long, striking bridges built over it. A scene that had Uday speeding on his bike as he tries to block off Aamir’s bike was shot alongside this river. “It was a very risky scene, and

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