After rout, Sheila Dikshit points fingers, Sharad Pawar blames the hand that guides

Dec 10 2013, 09:54 IST
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SummaryChhattisgarh Congress chief Mahant says ten leaders lost due to internal sabotage.

party as well.

“The youth played a big role in this polls that led to Congress’s defeat. They used the ballot to vent out their anger. People need strong, decisive and result oriented leaders. They do not want weak rulers, but they want those who will formulate policies and programmes for poor and implement them with firmness,” Pawar wrote on his blog.

NCP sources later said Pawar was not seeking to attack the Congress leadership but was only drawing attention to the need for “deep introspection” given that the middle-classes had abandoned the Congress in Delhi and such trends could affect its allies also.

He also said weak leadership of the Congress had led to the rise of pseudo-activists who had no connect with ground reality.

“It is observed that not only media but also people in government get influenced by these people. They come up with unrealistic ideas and impression gets created that they are representing people’s feelings which is not true,” said the NCP chief, apparently referring to the National Advisory Council which was instrumental in the enactment of the Food Security Bill despite Pawar’s reservations about its impact on farmers.

“Whenever there was a strong and decisive leadership, such forces never came to the fore. Take example of our late Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She was strong and decisive.

“During her time, such elements that has no connect with the ground reality never surfaced. Unlike today, that whole class of people, who are always willing to give their free advice on every matter, was absent then. Such is the clout of these free advisors, that people from the media as well as the government fall prey to them and start believing that the opinions of these advisors is that of the people. We need to think about this too (sic),” said Pawar.

“Important factor that influenced these elections is new voter in these states. The youth has clearly shown its anger in these elections and we need to find why they are angry. We also need to think about the class of people who are trying to influence and change public opinion through their impractical ideas. If a leader can be confident and decisive about his people oriented policies, then he will not have to contend with such new power centers.

At the Congress’s stock-taking exercise, source said the feedback from observers was that there were organisational weaknesses including infighting and shortcomings

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