Air India using Boeing 787 Dreamliners for more hours than global average

Nov 09 2013, 14:36 IST
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The dispatch reliability of the Dreamliners was much higher at 98.2 pct compared to the industry average of 97 pct. Reuters The dispatch reliability of the Dreamliners was much higher at 98.2 pct compared to the industry average of 97 pct. Reuters
SummaryThere are no safety problems involving the Boeing 787 Dreamliners, says Ajit Singh.

these incidents.

The problems are also not being faced by Air India alone as all global airlines using the Boeing 787 Dreamliners were facing such issues or "teething trouble", they said.

The US manufacturer Boeing was carrying out constant upgrades and modifications, including replacement of parts, to improve reliability of the aircraft, its operational and fuel efficiency, Nandan said, adding these upgrades have now become a continuous process.

The Airbus A-320, which was the first fully computerised civilian aircraft using fly-by-wire technology, was also grounded for about six months in 1990 after an Indian Airlines' plane crashed in Bangalore in February 1990.

The officials said a new aircraft would always have "teething problems" and "at times, even 90 per cent of all the software in older aircraft undergo changes."

Regarding aircraft utilisation, Nandan said Air India was using the B-787s for an average of 13.5 hours daily as against an average of nine hours globally by airlines.

Airlines like All Nippon Airways have acquired 22 of these planes and flying them, compared to ten of Air India currently. Air India is expected to get the remainder of the 27 B-787s it has ordered by 2015-16.

The dispatch reliability of the Boeing 787 Dreamliners was much higher at 98.2 per cent compared to the industry average of 97 per cent and was expected to go up to 99 per cent soon.

Dispatch reliability is the percentage of flights that depart within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time.

A top Civil Aviation Ministry official said all problems relating to the Boeing 787 Dreamliners like the cracked windshield, a panel falling off from the aircraft's belly or over-heating of an oven, were "unrelated" to each other and "not major safety concerns."

It would have been a cause of concern had these incidents been related, he said giving the example of the grounding of all Boeing 787 Dreamliners across the world for four months after the January battery-fire incidents in two aircraft operated by Japanese carriers.

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