Akshay Kumar's 'Entertainment': All you wanted to know

Aug 07 2014, 18:44 IST
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Tamannaah Bhatia plays Akshay Kumar's love interest in the 'Entertainment' and the actor said he was impressed. (PTI) Tamannaah Bhatia plays Akshay Kumar's love interest in the 'Entertainment' and the actor said he was impressed. (PTI)
SummaryAkshay Kumkar harks back to a bygone era with 'Entertainment'...

Being a dog lover, Akshay Kumkar enjoyed working with dogs in his upcoming film 'Entertainment', releasing on Friday, and the actor is confident that the film will find love from the audience because of its unique concept.

"The film show's the relationship between a man and a dog. It is after a long time that this genre has been explored in Hindi cinema. Nobody makes films now with animals because people think it is difficult. It is true that you need lot of patience but it is a lovable genre. Children and youngsters love such films," Akshay Kumar told reporters here.

The film's story is about a golden retriever, who inherits all the wealth from his owner while his son, played by Akshay Kumar, is left penniless.

The actor, who has three dogs at his home, said it was great to revisit the genre after 'Aankhen' and 'Teri Meherbaniyan'.

"I have three dogs in my house. The most important thing that they give you is their unconditional love. The first time I met Entertainment (his canine co-star), he sensed that I was friendly. It did not take long for me to bond with him.

"We shot the film with 100 dogs. No graphic was used. It was a huge set in Thailand and it was full of dogs with different colour and breed. Every dog had two trainers," Akshay Kumar added.

Recalling the last day of the shoot, Akshay said, "We were shooting the final scene I don't know how the dog knew, he started licking my face. This was not in the scene but thankfully the camera was on and we have it in the film."

Tamannaah Bhatia plays Akshay's love interest in the film and the actor said he was impressed by her professionalism.

"She had her training in South Indian films where people are very professional. She is beautiful, dances well, acts well and has a great command over Hindi language. I really enjoyed working with her. All the actresses have been lucky for me. Lady luck is always welcome."

The actress, meanwhile, said she was inspired by Akshay's discipline and hopes imbibe it in her life too.

"I have worked with the best of stars in Bollywood be it Akshay, Ajay or Saif. I have been lucky in that sense. Akshay is very experienced actor. He leads a very balanced and disciplined life. These things are very inspiring for me. I hope I bring it

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