All-woman travel agency offers holiday plans sans men

Feb 20 2014, 12:51 IST
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All-woman travel agency offers holiday plans sans men. (Reuters) All-woman travel agency offers holiday plans sans men. (Reuters)
SummaryHousewives and women professionals can now bank on an all-women travel company to travel to leisure spots.

that the proof of concept is roughly validated," she said.

The first commercial trip arranged by the company was to Kerala. The participants stayed in a houseboat, watched the boat race and spent a day in Kerala Kalamandalam, the famous deemed university of performing arts on the banks of the Bharathapuzha.

"Helping women to dream about journeys and helping them to experience the beauties and adventures of the world outside is another form of empowerment. Yes, we are trying to empower women by giving them confidence to travel alone," Jyothi said.

"Nothing opens your horizon like travel. It emboldens you and liberates you like none other, and the fact that you now can travel on your own, without your friends or family accompanying you is wonderful," she said.

However, Jyothi said the journey was not smooth for the company during the initial days.

"Any startup journey has its own challenges from finding the right talent to join us to creating the right supplier network or even making people believe in your business card. All the more so if you are a first time entrepreneur. My journey is not different," she said.

The company has its own plans and policies in arranging tours and ensuring security of its customers, she said.

"We are very particular about few aspects. We dont create trips unless the destination is familiar to us either one of us in the extended team should have gone up there or have travelled extensively through those places recently," she said.

If no one has travelled to the place, or have not been there in recent past, the company staff do an elaborate recce. "Like pilots, we also use extensive checklist for each trip to ensure that each minute detail is taken care of. Our safety check list is available online and is rigorously updated as we progress," the young entrepreneur said.

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