Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G: Must-have for people who like to read

Feb 08 2014, 10:35 IST
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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G is priced at Rs 11,999 in India (The version without 3G is Rs 1,000 less). Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 3G is priced at Rs 11,999 in India (The version without 3G is Rs 1,000 less).
SummaryKindle Paperwhite, like its earlier version, is not much larger than a thin paperback.

usage cost. Interestingly, the device automatically switches off the 3G when it is latched on to a wireless network.

pencilAs I try to log in to Goodreads, it is time to board the flight. The Kindle Paperwhite like its earlier version is not much larger than a thin paperback and can easily go inside my coat pocket. I wish I could do that with my second generation iPad.

In the flight, I cozy up with the CJR cover story on Evgeny Morozov. I have used or reviewed almost all Kindle devices so far, but this one undoubtedly has one of the fastest page flips. But this also means that if your thumb inadvertently touches the bottom right corner, you are in the next page. I have always found it a slightly awkward experience reading periodicals on Kindles. One articles flows into another and often you mistake this for a new chapter when it turns out to be a complexly new piece. But this also means you can finish a magazine from cover to cover without being bothered about anything else, just the kind of experience bookworms would love.

India After Gandhi starts with a rather long prologue peppered with footnotes. Clicking any superscript number on the text opens the footnote pop-up in a jiffy. It is as convenient, and much faster than clicking a link on a website.

The one day that I spend in Chennai does not afford me much time to read anything long. But I do use the device to check The Indian Express stories once in a while, after all this is Chennai where you cannot get a copy of the paper.

kindle2On my way back, on a very turbulent evening flight, I actually read much more than I have in ages. In two hours I am four chapters into Guhas latest. Having seen the actual size of the book, I am pretty certain that this is the better way to read any book that is more than 300 pages long.

Back in Delhi, I select a line from the book and tweet it. I am actually on the way back home and on 3G. Yes, this is a good added feature, but maybe this is not the device for multiple tweets per book. You can easily manage a tweet per book. Plus, there is the fact that the tweet makes sense only for people on the Amazon ecosystem for

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