Arvind Kejriwal waives 10-month power bill default and theft, BJP calls it anarchy

Jan 11 2014, 17:54 IST
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Arvind Kejriwal had begun his 'civil disobedience movement' against 'inflated' power bills by going on a fast from March 23, 2013. Arvind Kejriwal had begun his 'civil disobedience movement' against 'inflated' power bills by going on a fast from March 23, 2013.
SummaryAmount due from defaulters and pilferers would be paid by the Delhi government, says Kejriwal.

In what officials said was a complete violation of the Electricity Act, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday announced exemption for people who had defaulted on electricity bills and withdrawal of cases against those booked for power theft since March 23 last year when he launched the AAP campaign against power discoms in the city.

No action would be taken against the defaulters and pilferers since they were part of the andolan and the amount due from them would be paid by the Delhi government, Kejriwal said.

The regulator reacted cautiously, saying information from the office of the chief minister was still to reach them. I will not comment on the legal aspect, DERC chairperson P Sudhakar said.

But Shakti Sinha, who was Delhi secretary for power and finance until August 2013, said Kejriwals announcement was illegal as per the 2003 Electricity Act.

It has to be understood that power tariff can be brought down by the regulator after following a due process. There is the DERC for redressal of complaints. And then there are courts to settle disputes, Sinha said.

All electricity bills make it clear: The connection shall be liable for disconnection on non-payment of all dues, including arrears of due dates, after notice as per Section 56-1 of the Electricity Act 2003.

Officials said that of the nearly 45 lakh connections in the city under three power distribution companies, an estimated 10,000-12,000 consumers have been defaulting on electricity dues continuously since March last year. Connections of those in the lowest consumption slab of 0-200 units have not been severed.

BJP leader Harsh Vardhan said Kejriwals announcement was a sign of very bad governance... a sign of anarchist rule.

If today, when the BJP is not in governance, we tell people that if they stop paying bills under AAP rule, we will bring down bills by 50 per cent when we come to power, how will they feel... There is a difference between shouting on the streets and ruling, Harsh Vardhan said.

Earlier, explaining why he had a cut-off date for defaulters, Kejriwal said he had begun his civil disobedience movement against inflated power bills by going on a fast from March 23, 2013.

We had asked people to stop paying electricity bills if the bills did not come down, and re-connect if power connections were cut by the then government. We had assured them that all such cases would be exempted if we formed the government,

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