Astrology as a career?

Jan 23 2014, 13:58 IST
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SummaryAstrology is among the oldest forms of science that, many believe, can help people to better careers.

Astrology is among the oldest forms of science that, many believe, can help people lead better lives. Now, there is an unending debate whether astrology is a science or not, but the fact remains that astrology focuses on the natural world, uses testable ideas and relies on evidence. These things, though, might not bring it under the ambit of science, but do make it an interesting study. A study interesting enough to be considered a career option.

In fact, in this day and age of the internet, a lot of people are picking up astrology as a career. Until a few years ago, astrology was practised only by pandits who typically prepared hard copies of horoscopes. Such was their stronghold that it was hard to imagine anyone else practising astrology. The internet changed all that. Now, we even see young astrologers advising big businessmen, politicians, film stars and the like. And not just them, even a common man, during some or the other point in his life—child birth, marriage, business, etc—does consider the services of an astrologer. In fact, astrology is now an accepted profession.

Astrology in its online avatar has become an economical, easy-to-start and convenient-to-market profession. But here it must be kept in mind that, like all professions that intend to serve the society, astrology too should aim to provide as far a genuine solution as possible to the believer.

The author is an astrologer based in Amritsar. Views are personal

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