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Feb 27 2011, 14:52 IST
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SummaryPeople who once left Bihar because their state offered no opportunities are now coming back.

up an Advanced Electronics Lab in Patna. Bikramaditya, who hails from Janipur village in Sitamarhi district and who worked as a project manager in nSystech, Seoul, for seven years, returned to Patna in 2010 to set up his company, Tekbrains, which develops hardware solutions. The lab he plans to set up in Patna has been approved by the Union Ministry of IT and Communications and will be operational next month. It has 30 computers and plans to enrol 60 students who will be awarded diplomas in electronics system design, in association with DOEACC.

Big Dreams

Though most of the institutes are coming up in villages or remote towns, their founders arent aiming to provide just basic education. They want the campuses to be world-class and have drawn up ambitious blue-prints that chalk out 10-year-long plans and huge investments.

For the Haji Omer Yasin Asim Memorial Institute of Technology, for instance, Hejazeen has earmarked

Rs 32 crore, which, he says, he will fund himself. The campusconstruction began this month and is targeted to be completed by 2012will be run by a family trust, Madina Education Welfare Trust. In a village that gets only 10 hours of electricity a week, the campus will have two generators and solar panels, says Hejazeen. The trust has struck a deal with Heriot-Watt University in the UK for exchange programmes, with Samsung for supply of laptops and a service centre on the campus, and with Cisco for Wi-Fi enabling and biometric devices. The campus will have a gym, a coffee shop, a swimming pool, a guest house, and a 1,200-capacity auditorium.

If this sounds too fantastic for a power-starved, remote village, Singh is pushing the limits at Chaitanya Gurukul Public School in Chamanpura, which has no electric pole, let alone power supply. Yet, the school is Wi-Fi enabled, its 10 classrooms have an LCD monitor or projector, and it has a 17-machine computer lab with internet connectivity. For the past one year, since the school became operational, students have been taking lessons in math, physics and chemistry using Skype from teachers in distant locations. The teachers mark their attendance on biometric recorders and lodge the attendance of students on a computer. All this happens with two generators that were among the first things to be installed in the campus. There are four volleyball courts, four badminton courts and a cricket pitch. A swimming pool is under construction. It

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