Barack Obama, Manmohan Singh meeting need to address economic issues: experts

Sep 18 2013, 14:58 IST
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'US currently trades more with the Netherlands, Taiwan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia than with India.'(AP) 'US currently trades more with the Netherlands, Taiwan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia than with India.'(AP)
Summary'US currently trades more with the Netherlands, Taiwan, Korea, and Saudi Arabia than with India.'

debate in the United States over illegal immigration risks jeopardizing a key fundamental of growth: a legal immigration system that allows for the free movement of highly-skilled workers," Barshefsky


"The United States should address India's concerns over the equalisation of social security taxes paid by Indian workers under the H-1B program," she said.

Diane Farrell, executive vice president of US-India Business Council, hoped the Prime Minister would raise the issue of immigration reform with Obama during his meeting.

"We are constantly talking to our counterparts in the US and Indian Government to talk about some of the policy decisions, which we believe are actually going to impede progress in India," she said.

Acknowledging that the American companies have concerns about the Indian policies, she pitched for long term presence in India - one of the largest markets in the world.

"You cannot ignore a population that is 50 per cent of which is under the age of 25. India really is the place. But it is not easy," she said.

Linda Dempsey, vice president National Association of Manufacturers, said investors are pulling back from India because of the policies of the Indian Government.

Major sectors in steel, insurance and other infrastructure sectors lost investors, she said.

She attributed this to bad policies including the manufacturing policies, which she alleged are discriminatory and against the international norms. "If India is allowed to continue these policies, others will surely follow with devastating results for companies here," she claimed.

Raymond Vickery, senior director at Albright Stonebridge, said the United States and India need each other. "If these two strong democracies can't be friends who can," he asked.

"On the present situation, granted that India has fallen into international economic regression in the face of 2014 national elections, this is deplorable but not an unknown phenomenon," Vickery said.

Vickery alleged that the US India Trade Policy Forum has not met in three years.

"The last time it was to meet was in January 2012. The Indian side wanted to bring up some unpleasant issues, such as immigration, outsourcing, unpleasant from the US political perspective. And what happened, it was postponed again. It still hasn't met," he said, blaming the US Trade Representatives for this.

Referring to the recent efforts led by National Association of Manufacturers to create a coalition against New Delhi in which some 170 members of the Congress and 40 Senators have written letters against Indian policies, Vickery warned the American industry that India has

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