BlackBerry: In defence of the keypad master

Jul 29 2013, 11:15 IST
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BlackBerry Z10 BlackBerry Z10
SummaryBlackBerry Z10 redefines the paradigm of a mobile operating system.

BlackBerry Z10 redefines the paradigm of a mobile operating system. Based on the famed QNX powering the mission critical hardware, it was adapted, for the first time for mobile platform mated to unique gestural user interface. QNX is used in everything that has a command centre at its core; from automobiles to powering rocket launchers in NASA, it is flawless with no room for error. Pair it with legendary BlackBerry security and reliability you have a bulletproof mobile platform. This aims to reflect on a long-term ownership experience since the sheen peels off beyond the initial hype that builds up just prior to release.

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There are various under the hood changes after a massive OS 10.1 update with tonnes of bug fixes. From user’s perspective, text selection became more intuitive, Type and Go with notification tweaks. The author finally has Microsoft Exchange Active Sync compatible work email address with OTA address book and calendar synchronisation which was not possible in legacy devices without an Enterprise account.

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Z10, in the time period of ownership, has slipped twice inadvertently on hard ground without suffering even a scratch. This is a testimony to its legendary build quality. Battery life is truly a revelation. This author does keep a battery back up but has rarely required it. The test device is 4G based (soon to be launched in India), which is known to stress out the battery. However, this author sees the entire day without recharging; an average use with voice calls (two hours daily), BBM video and chat (about 40-45 min), continuous stream of emails, it pulls through over 14-16 hours. Individual mileage would vary and is similar to reported earlier here.

While Z10 had spoiled this author with its unique predictive keyboard that got better with the use, Q10’s physical keyboard has its own charm and has replaced Z10 as his trustworthy workhorse. It would be unfair to compare BlackBerry with the other commodity handsets especially from Samsung. The slap on touch wiz interface is buggy and Samsung is notorious for slow release of updates. Despite the product fragmentation, they leave out most of the “low-end users” out in the cold. Unfortunately, none of the reviewers focus on this aspect of OS updates. BlackBerry, in contrast, has delivered its OS updates rapidly since the inception

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