Business of tattoos: Patterns of money

Sep 15 2013, 12:51 IST
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Till about a decade ago, tattoo business was not considered a commercially viable option. Oinam Anand Till about a decade ago, tattoo business was not considered a commercially viable option. Oinam Anand
SummaryBusiness of tattoos is not skin deep. Tattoo studios to institutes charge up to Rs 1 lakh as course fees.

chances of infection, as well as the artwork not meeting expectations. As there are no tattoo laws in India and people do whatever they want in the name of tattooing, its better to get professionally trained and start the right way.

While many of these centres are seeing as much as a 20% increase in the number of students on a year-on-year basis, tattoo artists are hopeful that the trend is only going to strengthen tremendously in the coming months. Tattoo studios like KDz Tattoos, which earlier used to get students only from Delhi, are now seeing students from Chennai, Kolkata, Imphal and Bangalore, among others. Moreover, looking at the number of enquiries they have been receiving from Europe, KDz Tattoos is coming up with a studio in Canada, the first from India to launch an international venture.

Kamal Deep Sethi, popularly known as KD, founder of KDz Tattoos, says he is seeing students from the age group of 18 to 65 years, who have shown exceptional interest in the art form. This is going to open new avenues as tattoos are very popular in the world. Nowadays, it is also important to have multiple income options to lead a satisfied life. The skill also helps people find new opportunities to earn and enjoy, says KD.

Mini Sharma, a tattooist from Mumbai-based Witch Art Tattoos, says the craze for tattoos is slowly but steadily catching up in India. She aims to plug the gap between demand and the availability of professional tattoo artists by offering a structured tattoo training course. We aim to provide modern and comprehensive training on how to create a professional tattoo. We deal with aspects of tattooing other than just the actual tattoothe hygiene involved, the art of dealing with clients and the science behind tattoo equipment, says Sharma. She strongly believes that this 360-degree training module would go a long way in helping someone with a desire to become a fine tattoo artist.

Witch Art Tattoos offers different coursesfrom simple tattooing to hardcore trainingand the course fee varies accordingly from Rs 30,000 to Rs 1,00,000. The time frame varies from one to six months, depending on the type of course the person opts for.

The course module starts with basics in tattooing like an introduction to tattoo art, framing, colour blending, sketching, shading and mixing, etc, and later introduces students to new and advanced subjects. The students first start

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