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Jan 07 2013, 00:27 IST
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SummaryThe $62 billion American computer maker Dell is eying rapid growth in market share for its latest tablets and PCs running on the Windows 8 platform, an operating system it says would change the scenario from a one person show and open avenues for other companies to build devices.

professional consumer segment. Our XPS line is targeting that category, while Inspiron range is more about mainstream PC that hits the right kind of value, feature and profile more people are looking for. Thats our target and when we look at that, US and Europe is interesting, but we also look at some of the fastest growing countries in the world like China, India, south-east Asia, Russia and Brazil are places, that will have a lot of growth and drive the demand for technology. We have a very good pricing in most of these countries. It is an attractive area to grow both in terms of tablet and PCs.

For Dell, the smartphone business didnt take off well. The company failed to create a buzz globally. But, now with the latest launch in the tablet and PC space, do you see a new mobile strategy for the company?

I think tablets are very much a part of the PC business. And that is where we have excellent opportunity. You can look at tablets, ultrabooks as new approaches towards mobile computing, which has changed dramatically. We have seen this space evolve drastically in the last few years. This is something we do well and know what are customers are looking for and put out the devices that are successful.

We have said that we are not going to be in the smartphone space and I think when we look at it today, it is probably good decision that we made. A year and a half ago, there were two companies that had most of the global share in that space and its hard without the kind of scale. We have set our sights on markets and products where we look and say we can design the best thing out there and something that our customers want.

Designing the best tablet that fits in every corporate and home environment is what we are focusing on. We can do great tablets, notebooks and desktops, better than anyone else in the industry and thats what we are focusing on. We are going to pick up places where we have advantage.

For 2013, the analysts community has not predicted an encouraging outlook for the PC industry. How do you see the prospects of the global PC market?

I think they are more bullish over the longer term. They are very much looking at a flat growth estimates in 2013.

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