Can one get a loan against marksheets?

Jul 06 2008, 20:13 IST
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SummaryNo banks or non-banking finance companies offer unsecured loans based only on graduation marksheets.

Amitoj Sethi


I want to know whether there are any banking or non-banking companies or banks that provide loans on the basis of the graduation mark sheet? I was a victim of fraud when I approached an agent who assured me of loan amounting to Rs 5 lakh against my marksheet and I don’t want to get cheated again. Please suggest.

No banks or non-banking finance companies offer unsecured loans based only on graduation marksheets. Banks do offer loans for education purposes, for which the graduation marksheets are required as documents, which need to be submitted along with admission confirmation into the course one is looking to pursue. There are some banks that do offer credit cards or loans based on job appointment letters, but they are few and far between as most banks look at stability in the job before lending to the applicant.

What is the current interest rate for a housing loan for 20 years?

A home loan for 20 years can be priced between 11% and 14%, depending on the borrower’s and builder’s profiles.

I want to take a home loan to purchase a second sale property. The cost of that property is Rs 53,00,000. My per month take home salary is Rs 79,000. What is the loan amount that I am eligible for? I want to take maximum loan amount. Which bank can provide 90% loan and the lowest interest rate?

You should approach consolidation portals like for your loan requirement. They are in a position to put you in direct contact with multiple banks that will be able to fulfill your requirement in one go. Most banks do not lend beyond 60% of the net take home. ie, if your take home is Rs 79,000, your total EMIs should not exceed Rs 47,400.

I am working in a software company with a monthly salary of Rs 8,000 and I want to take a loan of Rs 3 lakh to buy a house. The house is already registered and I would like to know which bank can offer a personal loan for a period of five years? I can pay a monthly EMI of Rs 2,500. Also, how will the loan amount be paid to the bank if there is any increment in the EMI every six months or one year? What is the mode of payment to the bank for a loan?

Banks do offer personal

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