Castration of rapists

Jan 08 2013, 05:08 IST
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SummaryDeath sentence is the other alternative.

In the past few days, The Indian Express has highlighted the issue of castration, both chemical and physical, for rape convicts, following the Delhi gangrape case. It is felt from the reports that as far as punishment to the accused is concerned, chemical castration serves no purpose as it is a temporary measure. Though several countries have instituted this law, I feel it will not work. It is pleaded that only physical castration and that too at the earliest is the answer as that will teach the rapist a lesson irrespective of him being an adult or a juvenile. The Delhi rape case juvenile accused should not be allowed to go scott free as he is very much part of the crime. Death sentence is the other alternative. But, considering the long legal process, the episode will slip out of people’s minds. It is high time that the legal authorities act fast on one of the most heinous and disgusting crimes. No doubt such crimes are being committed, all over the world, but in India with the tremendous media coverage, the incident became shocking and disgraceful.May the New Year usher more sense in our people and that we as a rising nation should not commit such crimes.

Urmila Lal,


Narendra Modi as PM

Narendra Modi, a charismatic leader, mentor and an effective manager, can be a good Prime Minister for India. The strength of Modi lies in his implementing plans and ideas as a leader and solving problem of his people. As an individual, with his management skills, Modi can tide the crisis that every PM face in his tenure.

He also does possesses the talent of managing money tactfully and would make his ministers and MPs accountable for their tasks, which Chandra Babu Naidu, the former CM of Andhra Pradesh, had expedited. He would use the Government machinery for the development of roads, infrastructure, education, water, food, hospitals for the people. He is not a materialistic person and would think for the betterment of Indians and would expect the same from his ministers and MPs. The only drawback that one foresee is his self-made style of managing things which even Atal Bihari Bajpayee had objected.

Modi should enact his role as a mentor for all his ministers and MPs, as a catalyst who guides without being a part of the action. He in fact got his ministers accountable for certain projects in Gujarat. Today,

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