Chennai Express box office collections: Blockbuster man Rohit Shetty

Sep 15 2013, 20:39 IST
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The collections of Chennai Express are still going strong at the box-office in the fourth week. The collections of Chennai Express are still going strong at the box-office in the fourth week.
SummaryChennai Express has made the Rs 100-crore club redundant and ushered in the Rs. 200-crore league.

make commercial films, so they should come with an open mind. I have proved them wrong every time. If I were proved wrong by someone, I would shut my mouth and run away from the country. Likewise, they should shut shop. Just make your film from your heart and it will be taken care of by the audience. I may go wrong in the future but with seven hits you get a sense of what works.

You mentioned in an interview, the more successful a film the more money the producer makes. So are you turning producer now?

I will produce films, but not so soon. I am in the process of putting everything in place and it will take a year or so. However, my whole strategy is that I will not direct for my company. Because somewhere down the line I will lose the responsibility of a director and of a producer. As a producer I dont want to produce the kind of films that I am making. I want people to come with their own scripts and ideas.

So you are not producing Singham 2?

No, Ajay (Devgn) is producing it with Reliance Entertainment.

Making people laugh and conceiving action scenes comes easy to you. In reality how difficult is it?

Comedy is the most difficult genre. As for action sequences, I feel sad when people come to me and ask me how many cars I would be blowing up? It takes a lot of courage to do that because theres a man sitting inside the car when it is flying. It is not easy and extremely expensive. Shooting action scenes with cars and trains is not the same as shooting in a room or a hotel. It is the most difficult genre, but the sad part is that it is looked down upon.

What are you like on a Friday morning?

I get shit scared. I get nervous. Thats because the industry does not support me, neither do the so-called trade analyst or critics. On Friday mornings, Twitter is filled with tweets that try to bring me down by saying things like the film will lose steam by Monday, or be a loss. Most criticisms come from those in my fraternity. I feel that if they dont like a film they should just keep their mouths shut during the weekend. I have to be courageous at such times. But thankfully, no one

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