Chrysler takes patriotic road with popular Super Bowl ads

Feb 05 2013, 12:47 IST
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Chrysler Group LLC was once again one of the big winners in the Super Bowl ad battle. (Reuters) Chrysler Group LLC was once again one of the big winners in the Super Bowl ad battle. (Reuters)
SummaryChrysler Group LLC was once again one of the big winners in the Super Bowl ad battle.

positioning of the group are equally important for the re-grounding of our own people," added Marchionne, who was heavily involved in the development of the Eminem ad two years ago.

Chrysler did not immediately answer questions about how the ads were created.


Super Bowl advertisers paid CBS Corp, which broadcast the Baltimore Ravens victory over the San Francisco 49ers, an average of $4 million for a 30-second spot.

Even with discounts, Chrysler spent more than $20 million for its two ads, Horizon Media analyst Brad Adgate estimated. That would be up from the $14.6 million and $12.4 million Kantar Media estimated the No. 3 U.S. automaker spent on Super Bowl ads in 2012 and 2011.

The focus on Jeep and Ram trucks during the NFL game was natural given that Chrysler's launch of its Dodge Dart small car has underperformed expectations, said IHS Automotive analyst Mike Wall. "You really want to push your strengths right now."

Last year, Eastwood intoned that Chrysler's turnaround could be used as an example for the United States as it struggled with high unemployment and slow economic growth.

"They had a very tough act to follow with Clint Eastwood," Horizon Media's Adgate said. "It puts in the minds of viewers that Chrysler's back ... that through all the financial difficulties that company has had, they're still here and making cars."

Chrysler's ads aligned with its brands, analysts said. The Jeep spot aligned with the U.S. military - fitting given the brand's birth as a military vehicle during World War Two - while the Ram truck matched up with the tough farmers.

Chrysler is one of the few companies that use two-minute ads and it has not resorted to humor in its messages, a strategy most Super Bowl advertisers use, analysts said. Most TV commercials run between 30 seconds - particularly during the Super Bowl when rates are so expensive - and a minute.

The Jeep ad was created by Detroit's GlobalHue, which has been Jeep's agency since 2009, while the Ram truck ad was handled by Dallas-based The Richards Group, which has handled the truck account since late 2009.

The Ram truck ad, which included a soundtrack by radio commentator Paul Harvey from a 1978 speech about farmers, was the most talked about Super Bowl ad on Twitter and Facebook in the 45 minutes after it aired, according to Bluefin Labs, which tracks consumer sentiment about TV commercials via social media.

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