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Apr 12 2012, 02:27 IST
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SummaryThis mouse is high on style quotient and is ideal for gamers and designers.

Stylish accessories for mobile phones, tablets and personal computers are in demand these days. Wireless keyboards and mice are especially becoming very popular. They are also convenient because they can be used on almost any surface. It used to be necessary to have a mouse pad and some type of place to rest your wrists while typing, but that is no longer necessary with wireless ones, which are almost always infrared rather than roller ball driven.

In sync with this trend, digital devices major Portronics India has introduced an elegantly designed wireless mouse called Imooze. Priced at R799, the mouse has been especially designed for both gamers and designers with different DPI settings. The new range of mouse is high on style quotient and its ergonomic design allows placing one’s hand in the optimum position for working in comfort. The sleek device also stores the micro USB dongle inside the mouse so it will not be lost.

I believe that a seamless mouse performance has a bearing on the quality of your work. Some people don’t like the small and often awkward touch pad mouse that controls many laptops and would prefer to use a mouse that offers them more flexibility. This is exactly what wireless mice offer to laptop users. They are also very compact and are lightweight and easy to just slip in the case with the laptop computer.

Imooze has an ergonomic design and the precise click and scroll functions make working experience comfortable, smooth and easy. It is a perfect choice for those who work on their systems for long hours. Imooze comes with very unique four DPI settings ranging from 500 DPI for the artists to 1750 DPI for the gamers. At 500 DPI, the scrolling is much slower so it is useful for the designers however, the gamers need speed which is catered through 1750 DPI. One needs to click the left and right mouse button for three seconds to change the DPI settings.

Imooze is currently available in three different colour combinations—black & orange, black & blue and white & pink. The device offers a perfect mix of precision, performance and comfort—letting people freely interact with the digital world, a place where people can spend an ever-increasing amount of time. The device is also compact, people can easily carry it with themselves when they go out.


Wireless transmission at 2.4 GHz

Range upto 15 meters

DPI setting can be

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