Clues point to High Court bomb in courier packet, not briefcase: Investigators

Sep 18 2011, 09:10 IST
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SummaryThis lead was pursued and evidence found to corroborate the package theory.

The Delhi High Court bomb was not placed inside a briefcase as first suspected but was packed inside a large packet to resemble packages delivered at courts by courier services or postal department, forensic experts said.

The bomb was initially believed to have been placed in a brown leather briefcase near the reception of Gate Number 5 by a man wearing a safari suit. But this theory, sources told The Sunday Express, was debunked after a witness claimed to have seen “someone carrying something packed in white cloth”.

This lead was pursued and evidence found to corroborate the package theory.

Earlier this week, experts sifted through the evidence, shifting their attention from the briefcase to what seemed like the remains of a “white cloth used in courier packing”.

The evidence, sources told The Sunday Express, also included traces of soft material like cardboard used in packaging.

The burnt toe of a shoe was found embedded in the remnants of a briefcase. Investigators suspect the bomb was placed near a metal pipe.

Burnt pieces of white cloth — the kind used in packages — were stuck to a tree branch above the spot where the bomb was suspected to have been placed.

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