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Nov 27 2012, 01:48 IST
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SummaryA digital magazine – Coca-Cola Journey – is now the face of the company online with the beverage brand reinventing its corporate website.

A company website is usually a place to find information about the parent brand, its sub-brands and other details such press release, campaigns etc. Breaking away from the usual The Coca-Cola Company has reinvented its corporate website with the launch of Coca-Cola Journey—a digital magazine.

However, this is not the first time that the company has published Journey, from 1987 to 1997 it was published as an internal magazine for the employees. Ashley Brown, director of digital communications and social media at Coca-Cola, said, “Our CEO and chairman, Muhtar Kent, asked us to bring Journey back in a digital format. But the more we thought about that challenge, the more we realised that we shouldn’t keep these great stories behind the four walls of Coke. We believe we’re the first brand to pull down a traditional corporate web site, really question what the role of a company site should be, and replace it with an interactive magazine focused on real content. It’s a risk, and we expect to make mistakes, but I’m excited to see what the future holds and how our readers respond.”

The step by Coca-Cola has been welcomed by brand consultants and marketing gurus. Calling it a ‘TIE’ initiative, Jagdeep Kapoor, chairman and managing director, Samsika Marketing Consultants elaborated, “In this case, the ‘T’ from ‘TIE’ refers to transaction, while ‘I’ stands for involvement and ‘E’ stands for engagement. Obviously, high transaction will have a direct impact on the revenue which ought to increase. Next an increase in involvement between consumer and the brand will lead to the brand’s salience going up and, lastly, an increase in engagement will allow the consumer to be part of the brand’s family and vice-versa. So in all, this is a very positive and constructive step taken by Coke.”

For the revamp, the beverage company got on board New York-based Wonder Factory which helped Coca-Cola with the visual design, and Virginia based Perfect Sense Digital which assisted the company with content and further transformed its into a publisher.

In terms of content it aims to inspire with every new story that gets posted on the site. Also the beverage company claims that the digital magazine is not a mere showpiece, but has been designed with an agenda in mind, that is, to spark off conversation. “We designed Coca-Cola Journey to spark off conversation. So we look for stories that will give our

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