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Nov 27 2012, 01:48 IST
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SummaryA digital magazine – Coca-Cola Journey – is now the face of the company online with the beverage brand reinventing its corporate website.

readers something new that they didn’t know before, that will inspire them, and that will encourage them to take action in some way. So content will always come with a point of view, and we strive to ensure that it has tension,” added Brown.

And to ensure that conversations do take place, the option to ‘comment’ has been made available on every article in addition to the introduction of a blog, ‘Coca-Cola Unbottled’. Also every article has full social sharing capability . Moreover the magazine allows readers to visit content by both type that is—Stories, Opnions, Brands, Videos and Blogs and by topic such as Brands, Business, Community, Entertainment, etc. The magazine also boasts of info-graphics and a Debate Board.

Brown, explained, “Much like any first-rate magazine, we have a holistic digital content strategy that’s given insight on how we can use social networks, what is the kind of content we can develop for the blog, apart from what are the programmes we can build for Coca-Cola Journey. We think of Coca-Cola Unbottled as a ‘lean forward’ experience that’s updated daily. Coca-Cola Journey publishes more in-depth and long form pieces that’s very much a ‘sit back’ experience.”

As of now it is the international site which has gone through the overhaul. The company hopes to inspire through various stories from across the globe. Keeping this in mind, the cover story for the launch issue of Coca-Cola Journey is about the company’s commitment to support schools in India.

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