Column: The Gandhis should resign

May 17 2014, 04:53 IST
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SummaryThe just ended Election 2014 will likely signal the end of the longest running political dynasty in the world

lose this election so badly? Hardly. I have maintained for more than a year that Rahul is the wrong choice for a political leader because while politics is in his blood, it is not in his soul. His mother thrusting the leadership on him is like a feudal, conservative, old-fashioned, son-preferring parent wanting her son to be a dentist, when all he wants to do is play the guitar. And what happened to the much advertised Priyanka Gandhi effect? Though it will take some time to analyse the data, the possibility is real that her entry into the campaign probably lost some seats for the Congress. The writing is crystal clear on the wall, if only the blind and obsequious Congress-wallahs would see it—the days of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty are over. Finito.

More than a year ago, in an article entitled ‘Message to Sonia: reform or perish’ ( I wrote: 'Recall that Annie Besant became president of the Congress party in 1917. If Sonia Gandhi does not change, then she risks the following obituary of the party she heads: “It took a white, European, socialist, woman to help create the Congress party — and it has taken a white, European, socialist, woman to destroy it more than a hundred years later.”' Sometimes, but not often enough, one does get a forecast right!

Surjit S Bhalla

The author is chairman, Oxus Investments, an emerging market

advisory firm, and a senior advisor to Zyfin, a leading financial information company. Twitter: @surjitbhalla

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