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Mar 03 2014, 02:07 IST
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SummaryHow the UPA rendered the CCS, with its most powerful ministers, impotent (oops!).

For five years now, UPA 2 has been pilloried for ruining Indias economy, and deservedly so. But what has remained relatively out of sight is the damage it has done by weakening both external and internal security systems. Its very fortunate, and so is India, that there hasnt been a major security challenge since November 26, 2008, and we have also had an unusual decade of external peace, only the second in our independent history. That is why the UPA seems to be getting away with the greatest muddle-headed damage it has done. But tragedies like the navys earlier this week remind us not to be forgiving.

IT IS consistent with the UPAs diminution of the authority of the prime minister, his office and the cabinet system itself, but the really serious harm it has done to internal and external security leadership has severe implications. In our cabinet system, the most important and powerful body is supposed to be the Cabinet Committee on Security, or CCS. It includes the most powerful ministers home, defence, finance and external affairs, besides the prime minister but the UPA has reduced it to inconsequentiality. You take a poll even in a college on the UPAs most incompetent ministers. The winners, and by some distance, will be its home (Sushilkumar Shinde) and defence (A.K. Antony) ministers. One reason Salman Khurshid may not do too well in this vote is that in these distracted times, many may not even be conscious that he is our external affairs minister, and not a sex and virility specialist. He has ably carried forward his predecessor S.M. Krishnas tradition of reducing this to the office of Indias chief consular officer, who competes for airtime with the ministrys spokesman any time an Indian student is beaten up in Australia or a maid dares to complain against her boss in an Indian mission.

But think about this. Here are three of the five members of your venerable CCS. One cant ever take a decision (Antony), one should never speak in public as the republics home minister (Shinde) and the third, Khurshid, is inconsequential.

The rot is not personalised, but systemic, institutional and political. From the day the UPA came to power in 2004, it somehow decided to use the CCS as a kind of attic to hide its castaways. Between P. Chidambaram and Pranab Mukherjee, the finance ministry at least had two ministers

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