Congress hand has mastered the art of 'haath ki safai': Narendra Modi

Apr 04 2014, 21:18 IST
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Summary'Cong betrayed people as it had promised to check inflation within 100 days before the last elections'

Dubbing Congress as 'betrayer', Narendra Modi today took a jibe at its hand symbol, alleging it had mastered the art of 'haath ki

safai' to loot the country's wealth.

"People must understand the Congress tactics of first extending the hand and then shaking hands in a friendly gesture before sweeping the nation's assets with haath ki safai," the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate alleged at a series of election rallies in Odisha.

"Congress betrayed the people as it had promised to check inflation within 100 days before the last elections, remove poverty and provide employment, but failed to keep its words," Modi said.

Describing Congress as the repository of all evils, the Gujarat Chief Minister said said when people spoke of corruption, price rise and bad governance, the name of Congress automatically came to the mind.

Claiming that Congress was afraid of BJP coming to power, Modi said while he was only concerned about finding solutions to peoples problems, the focus of Congress, was to prevent him from coming to power.

Stating that though the people in India were generally tolerant and forgave mistakes, he said, they would definitely punish those who betrayed them. Claiming that inflation and plight of the people could not be controlled until the Congress was thrown out of power, the strongly opposed 'dynastic and destructive politics.

The country, he said, needed a 'sevak' (servant) like him and not an administrator.

Modi said that the election would be fought between leaders with affluent political lineage and the son of a tea-seller who wished to serve the country.

"On one side there are those whose fathers were PMs, Cms, but here I am, from a poor family who has come to serve you," the BJP stalwart said.

"This is a democracy and dynasty is the biggest enemy of a democracy," he said.

Affirming that the 2014 election was about people's voice of bringing a change and punishing those who had ruined the nation, Modi asserted that Congress and BJD would be thrown out by voters at Centre and in Odisha.

Attacking the BJD ruled government as 'nikammi' (useless) and non-performing, he said those in power had taken the people for granted and thought they would continue to get votes without doing any work for the common people.

"Naveen Babu has been in power for almost 15 years. What has Odisha got? Naveen Babu, your days in power are numbered

Shahzadeji, Madam Soniaji, the direction of the wind is

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