Crores spent, NDA govt takes re-look at Prasar Bharati’s ‘relevance’

Jul 28 2014, 07:41 IST
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SummaryMany in govt feel Prasar Bharati has become a 'white elephant' of sorts over the years.

THE NDA government has quietly started examining the “relevance” of public broadcaster Prasar Bharati and also whether it is necessary to continue with the statutory body which, many in the government feel, has become a “white elephant” of sorts over the years.

In a recent interaction with the Prime Minister’s Office, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry is learnt to have conveyed that the government has spent close to

Rs 19,000 crore on Prasar Bharati ever since it came into existence in 1997 but the public broadcaster has clearly not been able to leverage the vast resources at its disposal to make Doordarshan and All India Radio the preferred choice of the masses.

The I&B Ministry has also conveyed to the PMO that a thorough review was in order before granting any more substantial funds to the broadcaster, sources told The Indian Express.

Although amenable to the suggestion of reviewing Prasar Bharati’s relevance and necessity, the Narendra Modi government, sources indicated, is not keen to press the panic button by using words like “scrapping” or “abolishing” just yet. Instead, it is willing to give the broadcaster some time to get its act together and show tangible improvements in a time-bound fashion.

“The Prime Minister has been informed about the enormous funding that has gone to Prasar Bharati in the past 16 years of its existence. He has also been given an insight on how the public broadcaster has struggled to fulfil its mandate. Before pumping any more funds into Prasar Bharati, there is a need to know where we are headed with this body, the PM has been told,” a government source said.

A highly placed source said, “There is no doubt that Prasar Bharati needs to be revamped. It has become a top-heavy organisation. No new blood has come, no new creativity has come in all these years. To be alive and relevant, a river has to flow. In case of Prasar Bharati, the river’s flow has stopped. The body has turned into a white elephant over the years and it is time its relevance is reviewed threadbare.”

Information & Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar told The Indian Express, “We have told Prasar Bharati that with the kind of reach you have, you must become competitive in the market.” Days after taking charge, Javadekar threw a challenge at Prasar Bharati, asking it to take steps to improve its content in a manner that makes Doordarshan

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