Darwin’s Theory! Is it?

Jan 25 2013, 16:46 IST
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SummaryCan you justify Darwin when it comes to hatch food, subjugate one’s land, throb or molest a person physically weaker than you?

T. Sukesh

Can you justify Darwin when it comes to hatch food, subjugate one’s land, throb or molest a person physically weaker than you? I can’t! It’s ok if a lion or a fox does that! The only thing sets us apart from animals is our ability to think and be convinced before we act!

We all pretend to act like humans but sometime, somewhere tend inhuman and opining comes rather naturally to us, doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. Opine we must!

This day, that month… a 23 year old girl was brutally raped and killed! Yes, killed, doesn’t matter if she survived for next 15 days after the rape. She was never in a condition to live.

A crime to attack emotions can madden citizens to first peacefully and then violently protest on roads. Outrageous ranting of people on social networking sites is worth a TRP. Media is hungry for that one sensational byte, one questionable statement, one more picture!

Apparently we saw a whole plethora of emotions coming out from public. And we defend our own states. The opposition blames the government. The public blames the police. The comedians crack jokes. The irrationally irate women wish for women politicians to get raped. Culturally impaired Indian men educate women on how to dress appropriately so as not to provoke rest of the culturally impaired Indian men. A concerned father calls her daughter and asks her to return home early. The false finding game is a vicious circle leading to nowhere. Some read about rape victim’s story in newspapers and shed their tears of shock on Facebook, Twitter, BBM and everywhere online. I deeply wonder how much is that school guy/girl is affected 1000miles away! I respect their feelings but will just a long provoking fancy Facebook status or a tweet or a forward message on BBM serves the need or shuts down the evil?

For a couple of days or more everyone’s life was deeply affected by the rape incident but then it all faded away like Delhi’s winter in past 7 days.

Do we genuinely care to sit and think about such issues? The protest after the crime reminds me of Anna and the blind following yet again. What do we actually do to save ourselves? Do we talk and educate the younger ones at home? Do we respect our children? Do we teach the sons to respect our daughters?

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