Delhi gangrape: When Sonia came out to meet protesters, sit on street

Dec 24 2012, 11:45 IST
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Sonia Gandhi came out of her residence at around 12.10 AM and talked to protesters. (Reuters) Sonia Gandhi came out of her residence at around 12.10 AM and talked to protesters. (Reuters)
SummarySonia Gandhi came out of her residence at around 12.10 AM and talked to protesters.

Around 0015 hrs, on Sunday morning, Special Protection Group (SPG) went into a tizzy, as UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi emerged from steel gates of 10 Janpath, to meet protesters, who were shouting slogans outside 10 Janpath, in order to seek justice for Delhi's rape victim.  And  to everyone's surprise, she came out and sat on the road, where young students had plonked themselves, and engaged with them.

These protesters, who were holding candles, started from India Gate, and on reaching 10 Janpath, started shouting slogans. This reporter was present, when within split seconds, Sonia appeared from her house and mingled with protesters for about 15-20 minutes.

The traffic was diverted and road outside 10 Janpath, converted into a war room, and for a change, commoners received full attention, from the most powerful person.

And now the engagement part, Sonia Gandhi and about 4-5 girls, discussed demands and solutions, in full public view, which was watched live by around 200 protesters, including onlookers. 

Also in attendance were at least 10 police gypsies and anxious SPG, Police personnel, awaiting further orders. The SPG again appeared helpless, even as some girls reprimanded them for pushing them around. Sonia then directed her security to maintain some distance.

And one of the students remarked, "Madam, aap ke paas security hai , hum ghar kaisey jayengey, hamen kon security dega".

Give us strong law, hang them, give us justice, and it went on, which Sonia heard patiently...but had no answers, even as she struggled for words, "I can't commit any thing,  we will do it as soon as possible."

Two students, victims of police lathi charge were presented before her.

And before leaving, she asked five of the protesters to meet her at 10:00 a.m., a  security officer, dutifully noted cell numbers of students, invited to meet her.  

Meanwhile, the war room discussions continued till 0235 hrs, there were songs, "Hum honge kamyaab, hamen milega insaaf."

"who is the leader, kis se baat karen", asked a Police officer. There is no leader, there is no politician, came the response. what do you want, asked a police officer, "safety for my daughter", pat came the reply from a lady, who, along with her kid, was sitting on the road.

And one of them said, get more candles , "saari raat yahin rahengey, Madam Sonia subah chai pilayengi",

"Anna aur Kejriwal kahan hain, and there were hearty laughs and jokes on 'Mr Silent' PM 'Mon'Mohan Singh.

Interestingly, this was an impromptu protest, leaderless,

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