DU task force discusses course for primary school teachers

Dec 10 2012, 11:41 IST
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SummaryTask force on redefining education also talked about the role of college teachers in making the syllabus

Task force on redefining education also talked about the role of college teachers in making the syllabus

The Delhi University task force on redefining education met last week to discuss a number of issues, including the introduction of a new two-year programme, the need to increase the role of college teachers in making the syllabus and chalking out separate guidelines for sports and extra curricular activities categories.

The 61-member task force agreed on a proposal to introduce a course in teacher training for primary schools in the meeting held on Friday. The members also discussed the four-year under-graduate programme, expected to be introduced next academic session.

Virender Bharadwaj, member of the task force and the Academic Council, said: The task force has agreed on recommending the introduction of a new course at the college level. It will be a two-year programme for those who intend to teach in primary schools.

The recommendations of the task force will be put before the Academic Council for approval.

Talking about the four-year undergraduate degree, Bharadwaj said: A student who cannot continue the four-year course at a stretch for any valid reason, will have the option to leave the course after two years. The student can then return within a stipulated time to complete the third and fourth years. The time period has not been fixed yet, but it will not be less than three years.

At present, if a student drops out of college, no degree is awarded. Such a student only has a Class XII certificate. His study of two years, in case he leaves college after two years, is not recognised. However, in the four-year under-graduate programme, he will get a degree for those two years, Bharadwaj said.

The existing admission policy will apply for this under-graduate programme as well.

The first year of the course will have foundation courses communication skills, mathematics, computers and two papers on the students main discipline.

For instance, a student of Physics (H) will have two Physics papers in the first year. There will 22 to 24 papers of the main discipline and 6 to 8 papers of minor disciplines. Students will start with the main discipline in the first year and the minors will begin only in the second year, Bharadwaj said.

The fourth year will have two research-based papers. One of the research papers will be of the main discipline and the nature of the other paper is

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