Eat According To Your Blood Group

Aug 31 2003, 00:00 IST
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CAN you fight the bulge with eating? Not if you are of the old school of thought and count your calories assiduously. But you can if you were to eat according to your body constitution and blood group, and you’ll be more healthy, too, claims the new theory of nutrigenetics.

Dietician Shikha Sharma, a votary of this theory, believes that nutrigenetics is eating food according to your constitution or blood group. She explains, “Every blood group has marked characterstics and according to these, some foods agree with them and some don’t. All it means is cutting down on the intake of foods that don’t agree with your constitution and increasing the quantities of foods that agree with it.” “The concept that you have to starve to lose weight does not hold good any more,” she adds.

Of course, you can’t eat a brick of ice cream every night and expect a trim figure, but the new concept allows you to eat adequate and compatible food, explains Dr Sharma.

The Atkins Diet, which stresses on low carbohydrates, was the first to say that you can eat as much as you want to of everything, except carboydrates, and still lose weight. But that diet plan had its defects.

“Nutrigenetics is the most advanced and comprehensive diet plan and everything else is a part of it,” claims Dr Sharma.

Gunjan Kumar, a senior executive with Mudra Advertising, tried this plan to lose some weight. “I lost five kilos in one month by eating according to Dr Sharma’s plan. She analysed my blood group and then prescribed the diet. It is a fantastic approach to health,” says an enthusiastic Ms Kumar.

“Wheat does not suit my blood group, which is B positive, so I cut down on my wheat intake and started taking more rice instead,” says Ms Kumar.

Kiran Leela Ram, a housewife who has been going to Dr Sharma since 1999, says, “Dr Sharma did not bring a drastic change in my diet plan. Instead, she moulded it to suit my blood group and lifestyle. I eat out very often and drink alcohol, too.” Ms Leela Ram is a young mother, who first went to Dr Sharma’s Clinique De Rejuvenation in Delhi to reduce weight after childbirth. That first time, she lost seven kilos, and the second time, 22 kilos in a year. She says, “Ms Sharma’s diet plans are such that one is able to lose at least

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