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May 30 2014, 05:05 IST
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SummaryFor younger Indians, smartphones could soon become an extension of personality

Recently, this paper carried a numerical snapshot sourced from Ericsson which showed that in India, smartphone-users spend a total of two hours and 21 minutes daily using their gadgets. The data was derived from 4,000 smartphone-users in 18 Indian cities. That’s a significant amount of time considering most of that usage is not connected to work. An estimated 66% of smartphone-users in India are aged between 16 and 34 years. According to one recent survey, Facebook updates, games and e-mail are the top 3 activities of Indian smartphone-users. For younger Indians, smartphones are beginning to transform how they engage with their everyday lives. In India, manufacturers have expanded the market significantly with reasonably-priced smartphones and bundled apps.

India ranks fifth globally for number of smartphone-users, with an estimated 67 million in 2013, behind China, the US, Japan and Brazil. The year-on-year growth of smartphone-users in India stands at 52%, the second-fastest, after Taiwan. Smartphones have changed the way we use phones, thanks to the access they provide to internet services. That has created compulsive consumers who spend increasing amounts of time on entertainment and social media. Globally, smartphones have increased the time spent on entertainment and media, playing games, accessing entertainment or using social media. Which means our kids are likely to grow up with smartphones as an extention of their personalities, if it isn’t so already.

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