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Jun 04 2014, 04:53 IST
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SummaryApple enters the smart home market with software that enables your home to condition itself to your health

What if your were running a fever and your home automatically adjusted ambient temperatures to minimise your discomfort, prompted by an app on your smartphone that records your health data? This might seem a little gimmicky but ‘smart homes’, the biggest slice of the Internet of Things pie for tech companies, are going to offer you this and more, if what Apple promised at its Worldwide Developers Conference comes to fruition. Apple unveiled its ‘Healthkit’ and ‘Homekit’ software which would help make the iPhone the key to ‘smart-living’.

What is interesting is that Apple did not showcase any accompanying hardware with the either of the two software. This could mean that the company would be roping in developers for the apps that would use its software before it moves in and launches devices that would prop the smart-life it envisions for iOS-run-device users. Given that iUsage is growing—of the 230 million iPhones and iPads sold in the last 12 months, 130 million were bought by new users—Apple can already pitch to a sizable market, of those with the remotes. The challenge now would be to give them a range of devices and apps that actually use the remote. Like this newspaper argued earlier, since Apple is looking to initially partner device- and app-makers for the smart home market, there is an exciting opportunity for it to partner Google which already has acquired a smart thermostat and is looking to acquire a smart surveillance system.

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