Elderly in Delhi-NCR feel isolated: Study

Nov 12 2012, 18:16 IST
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Summary"83.8 per cent of older persons were found isolated in old age (60 plus age group) in Delhi and NCR.

villages of Delhi and NCR 36 per cent older persons reported social as well emotional isolation.

"No or less interaction with family members or within society" is the major cause of their state of isolation or loneliness in Delhi and NCR," it said.

44.2 per cent of those surveyed said that no or less interaction with family members or within society is major cause of their state of isolation or loneliness.

The study quotes a couple Pankaj Luthra (75)and Nirmala Devi (71) residing in Gurgaon. "Old Age has become hell for us due to mistreatment of our daughter-in-law with us. For sake of happiness of our son and grand-children, we prefer to keep quiet and ignore her (daughter-in-law's) misbehavior."

Isolation and loneliness impacted health of the elderly with 43 per cent saying that they are facing depression due to those factors.

"Every third older person facing loneliness in Delhi and NCR was found in poor health condition because of loneliness and less interaction with people. 36 per cent older persons said that their health have deteriorated further since they felt alone," the study cited.

From the study it has been found that as consumers older persons expended most of their money in medical products and services, financial instruments, consumer durables or household goods as well as services.

To assess the ever-changing trends of old age and needs of older persons, older persons were asked about their desire to change the things for better old age or adapt in the present environment or conditions.

"90.32 per cent older persons said that they want to change things accordingly, so that they can better their old age. Only 9.68 per cent older persons were in favour of adjustment with present environment or conditions," the study said.

"At the age of 75, when I need family support, I am forced to live alone. My sons are settled in towns but they have no place for their parent" says Ashok Kumar Bhadoria (75 years) who resides in Janakpuri and quoted in the study.

Peculiar issues that have deep affect in life of older persons like intergenerational gap, religious life of older persons, financial, medical and social status of older persons, legal and human rights status, old age engagement, role of older persons in democratic process, wisdom of old age, etc were also the focus of the study.

It was found that the major problematic areas in old age were social environment, medical and legal set up

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