Emerging trends in business telephony

Jun 25 2014, 17:44 IST
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17% of the projects go so bad that they threaten the existence of company. 17% of the projects go so bad that they threaten the existence of company.
Summary17% of the projects go so bad that they threaten the existence of company.

system running in a cloud environment. Businesses are consumers of IT resources rather its user.

Savings on new branch operations: In a conventional telephony system opening new branch communications is a very costly proposition for most businesses. PBX, Servers, cooling racks, TDM lines are requisitioned, premise leased for running operations, several dry runs to test new systems - all this takes time and money and businesses have none to spare. On the other end of the scale are loud telephony systems where extensions can be provisioned quickly for new branch operations. There is no CAPEX cost (Except for telephone handsets) and business lag time is a few hours at the most.

With cloud powering communications enterprises are freed from the day to day management of IT infrastructure allowing them to focus on changing outcomes. With the problem of deployment out of its way IT can focus on how to leverage cloud telephony to increase productivity.

Visibility of KPIs and access to critical transactions on smart-phones yields an immediate advantage in terms of productivity and better decision making. IT can leverage mobile phone technology to improve decision making in the field by providing access to critical information to field sales agent.

It is easy to see why mobile is so important because of the following reasons -

85% of us employers allow BYOD (FierceMobile IT 2013)

78% of all handsets will be smart-phones (Gartner)

150 number of times workers reach for the smart phones (Mary Meeker Internet Trends)

4:1 mobile app: desktop app development

80% of business will support tablets (Gartner 2013)

Due to forces of globalization and hyper competitiveness in the markets businesses have to be more proactive towards market trends and customer needs. BY bringing cloud and mobile technologies on a single platform employees can identify and resolve customer issues from any location and predict demand by studying market trends gleaned through call recordings.

Whereas, earlier, employees were using business resources for personal reasons now they are using personal device for business reasons because desktop technology has failed to keep pace with smart-phone technology. According to research conducted by Blackberry mobile usage improved employee productivity by one hour, workflow efficiency by 38% besides improving tracking sensitive mails. The total value of the benefits came to $50,000.

Cloud telephony mobile apps can provide the power of a mini call center in every smart-phone. Super Receptionist, Knowlarity's cloud telephony app, for android 4.0 and above, can play back recordings of customer calls besides

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