EXPRESS READING: Best tech stories you missed this week

Dec 22 2013, 11:56 IST
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Apple CEO Tim Cook (AP) Apple CEO Tim Cook (AP)
SummaryEach week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web.

Each week we bring you the best tech reads from around the web. This weeks readings are centered on 3D Printing, Edward Snowden, Android Malware and Surveillance Cameras, and lots more. Happy Reading!

1. Apple CEO Tim Cook Gives Emotional Speech On Equal Rights: An emotional speech delivered by Tim Cook while accepting Lifetime Achievement Award from Auburn University at the United Nations. Must-Watch!!!

Bonus link to Yahoo Weather brings award-winning design to iPad

2. An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: A Genius Among Geniuses: We are talking a lot about NSA, surveillance et cetera these days and its because of Ed Snowden. In an interesting piece for Forbes, Andy Greenberg narrates a coworker remembering the real Snowden.

3. Microsofts Windows 8 is the perfect os that nobody wants: Fast Companys Mark Wilson writes how Windows 8 in spite of being perfect has failed to lure Customers.

4. Obad was the nastiest piece of Android malware discovered in 2013: Android and Malware are basically Friends with Benefits. Android Authority shares light on Obad, the nastiest piece of Android malware.

5. Nine tech torments Id like to see fixed in 2014: Technology is great but theres always room for improvements and Stephen Shankland points out 9 such must-needed improvements in 2014.

6. This Pen 3-D Prints Live Cells On A Damaged Bone: Pranav Dixit writes about the use of 3-D Printing Technology to precisely print live cells on a damaged Bone.

Bonus link to Consumer tech prepares to invade the operating room

7. How Facebook's New Machine Brain Will Learn All About You From Your Photos: Facebook recently hired NYU machine-learning expert YannLeCun and Popular Science story gets us informed about how Facebook will learn all about us from the Photos we upload onto social network.

8. The 9 Biggest Gaming Bummers of 2013: We just had release of two next-gen consoles but 2013 was also about disappointments in gaming. Wired Staff pens down the gaming bummers.

9. The Shifting Ways In Which Well Interact With Mobile Apps Apps are internal part of Mobile devices and Semil Shah talks about change in app behavior and how

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