Eyeballing 2012

Dec 18 2012, 02:13 IST
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SummaryUneven creative output marked the year gone by. If there was anything new, it was that telecom gave away its pride of place in Indian advertising to internet start-ups.

managed it well. In the media space, The Hindu scored with some telling comments on the dumbing down of the media discourse; in this category, Mumbai Mirror had a powerful campaign that featured a lot of angst ridden Mumbaikars but it might have been a case of advertising overselling the product. The IPL campaign was spectacularly mounted and took the cricket-as-entertainment idea to new heights. Kurkure is another brand that has maintained a consistent tone of voice. It took its tedha hai par mera hai zaniness to an interesting place this year with its tedhi mummy idea with the perfectly cast Juhi Chawla. The idea of a mother releasing her children from the pressure of expectations while being released herself was a powerful one; it helped that it was delivered in such a branded way. Kurkure is a brand that has used a brand ambassador really well and done so year on year.

In terms of the misses, Vespa lost a golden opportunity to signal its iconic status by doing some forgettable and thoroughly unstrategic work. For a brand with that kind of residual power to come back into Indian lives with such a whimper was a waste of great potential. The most controversial campaign of the year would have to be 18 Again, a vaginal tightening gel. While the advertising, though well executed, tried its best to pretend that it was marketing something routine, the nature of the product itself legitimately caused outrage.

It looks as if advertising is waiting for something to happen; perhaps 2013 might have those answers!

The author is MD &CEO of Future Brands

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I, me, myself

Campaign: Made for you

Brand: Vodafone

Company: Vodafone India

Agency: Ogilvy India

The Ad: This was a series of three ads that talked about the different needs and expectations people havethe first spot was set in a tailors shop, the second at the barbershop and the third in a gymnasium.

In the first ad, a bevy of girls make a beeline for the local tailor (masterji) with varied fashion choices. In the second spot, one young man wants a cool-dude look, another a pigtail, and another wants his head shaved.

In the final spot, the issues vary from the biceps, to the triceps, to the tummy, and then to the mug. The voice-over for all three ads went: Dial 121 from your Vodafone number for customised plans. In other words, alag log, alag zaroorte (Different people,

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