Retail FDI row: Trial of strength in Parliament set for next week

Nov 29 2012, 17:32 IST
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Samajwadi Party MP Ramgopal Yadav speaks to media at Parliament House in New Delhi. (PTI) Samajwadi Party MP Ramgopal Yadav speaks to media at Parliament House in New Delhi. (PTI)
SummaryWith Speaker allowing discussion, Oppn got what it wanted and govt a chance to make a telling point.

be decided later after consultations with leaders of all parties.

UPA and its allies have a strength of 94 members in the Upper House.

The ten nominated members may go ahead to vote with the government. BSP has 15 MPs and SP nine.

Among the seven independents, three-four may support the government.

BSP, which extends outside support to UPA, has 15 members and it has said that it will disclose its stand on the issue on the floor of the House.

While in Lok Sabha, the government appears to be comfortably placed in the numbers game with promise of support from SP and BSP and DMK's open backing, Trinamool Congress with 19 MPs has also been cold towards the Opposition demand for a vote on the issue.

UPA enjoys the support of about 265 MPs in Lok Sabha which has total strength of 545.

With the support of Samajwadi Party (22) and BSP (21), the backing for the ruling coalition goes a little over 300, which is a comfortable figure over the required mark of 273 Meanwhile, BJP accused the government of having "different yard sticks" for Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha on the issue of FDI discussion. Why Congress is opposed to voting in Rajya Sabha? asked BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu.

Talking to reporters outside Parliament, Naidu said, "This sort of tactic is not going to help Congress. It will boomerang on Congress. Otherwise there is no rational explanation for applying different yard sticks (on FDI discussion) in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

"While the government has allowed FDI discussion with voting in Lok Sabha, the same has not been done in Rajya Sabha yet.

His party colleague Ravi Shankar Prasad said government is running away from holding discussion on FDI.

"BJP wants Parliament to function. We want discussion with voting on FDI in retail. We want it in both Houses.

But government is busy in 'jugad' (managing) technology.

How long the country will wait. Govt is running away from discussion. We have repeatedly asked for discussion under voting clause. We are ready for discussion on any issue," Prasad said.

"The Speaker has already admitted it in Lok Sabha.

It is all the more surprising why government wants to avoid it in Rajya Sabha. Both Houses are independent and separate. Then why this differentiation between Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha.

"Naidu said it is not the main Opposition party which is responsible for stalling proceedings in Parliament.

"It is their own allies who are going

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