FE@CAMPUS MASTERMIND: Response by Ashish Kulkarni to question for Feb 11-17

Jan 10 2014, 14:08 IST
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SummaryMGNREGA stands for Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

YES, entitlement programmes like mgnarega, food security, right to education a good idea. I think we all Indian are good in planning, but not good for implementation of plan. Problem of implementation may be because of resource problem, or may be other reasons.

MGNAREGA (MAHATMA GANDHI NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GURNTEE.). The scheme provides a legal guarantee for one hundred days of employment in every financial year to adult members of any rural households tailing to do public work. The main aim of scheme is to increasing purchasing power of the rural people. But it is under controversy about corrupt officials, deficit financing, poor infrastructure built by rural people.

Right to education for all, without education people not survive in today scenario. No doubt that govt. of India nicely implement this idea but the problem of quality education and still many rural place this idea is not implemented .

Food security: three facts of food security food availability, food access and food use. In India there is enough food available but problem of distribution and less storage capacity.

So at last I think MGNAREGA Scheme is to be shut down. and water projects like rain –water harvesting, dam –river connectivity projects done through private party but full transparently done , proper audit of work is necessary, so it give employment to rural people, and some tax holiday is given to that private company. Govt. adopts autocratic style in devt. Projects

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