Flamingo City

Jan 21 2013, 11:55 IST
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a colony of the birds in the region. a colony of the birds in the region.
SummaryEvery winter, flamingos flock to small islands in the Rann of Kutch. The story of a near-endangered species and how it has made the seasonal salt marsh in the Thar Desert home.

where the six-member team counted 8,678 nests and 3,750 eggs. An estimated 67,000 flamingos fluttered shyly away and waited, en masse, in shallow waters nearby as the scientists surveyed their un-hatched young. Its a sight that Thakker hasnt forgotten.

In 1998, a cyclone struck the Gulf of Kutch. Bhagashra near Navlakhi was completely red with the corpses of the birds. Flamingos abandoned the place and went elsewhere that year, Thakker recalls. But all was not lost that year, a young forest officer called Uday Vora discovered that the flamingos had found a new breeding site in the Little Rann of Kutch, a smaller salt desert further inland from the Great Rann. They have hung on to that new site ever since, and are reportedly also breeding, albeit in smaller numbers, at several other locations in between as well, although experts say none are as large as flamingo city.

But the threats to the avian metropolis remain the National Board for Wildlife has been discussing the possibility of building a road that will run across the Great Rann, mostly to boost border security in this rough terrain. While the armed forces say the road can be built without disturbing the wildlife, including flamingos, the scientific community remains opposed to the idea. Their contention is that the road would effectively block the routes by which fresh and salt water mix up, devastating the ecosystem. As the debate goes on, the birds keep returning, responding to natures vagaries by altering their own patterns ever so slightly.

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