FOXCONN NANOPC: Small yet powerful

Sep 27 2012, 10:03 IST
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SummaryConvert LCD monitor into all-in-one desktop, create digital signage solutions, and more...

Save desk space at home, office or classroom with this low-power compact computing device

Convert an LCD monitor into an all-in-one desktop, create digital signage solutions, and much more with the tiny Nano PC from Taiwan-based maker of computer systems and components, Foxconn Technology Group. But is it worth the money? Let us find out.

Nano PC as the name suggests is an extremely compact PC having dimensions of 190 x 135 x 38 mm. Though it is not the smallest PC in marketthat credit goes to Zotacs ZBOX Nano with dimensions of 127 x 127 x 45 mmit is still 40% smaller than a standard PC. This compactness is achieved by using a credit card sized motherboard and SO-DIMM. The other wow feature of the Nano PC is absence of any moving parts. There is no CPU cooling fan, but rather a passive cooling mechanism is used to dissipate the heat generated by CPU. An SSD is used instead of a standard hard disk drive.

You can connect a USB keyboard and mouse to it. For the monitor, theres the standard VGA D-Sub connector as well as a HDMI port to connect a TV to it. We installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit operating system (OS) to test it. Post the OS installation, we used USB drive that was bundled with it to install the drivers. Once everything is installed, then simply connecting it to a TV via the HDMI port turns your TV into a full-fledged PC. With compact size and neat looks, the Nano PC does not look odd with your TV and one can hook it to a LCD monitor and convert it into an AIO desktop instead.

We connected a wireless keyboard and mouse along with an inbuilt wireless adapter for internet surfing. We tested this PC in several ways. One of course was our standard slew of PCMark and 3DMark benchmarks for testing graphics and overall system performance. Since the machine is based on an Intel Atom based CPU, its scores for these benchmarks were low, clocking just 433 3DMarks and 1766 PCMarks. What is impressive about the Nano PC is its ability to run HD videos smoothly. We ran a 1080p, 60 fps video on it and to our surprise it ran very smoothly. It might be because the Atom CPU inside is a dual-core, 4 threads CPU running at 1.86 GHz with Intel GMA 3650 graphics.

Another great highlight of the Nano PC is its power consumption. It uses only about 15 Watts in normal condition and 24 Watts on load, both of which are very low as compared to the average 300-400 Watts consumed by traditional PCs.

With being extremely small, this PC can be used for converting a LCD TV into a smart TV, display custom content streamed from central server over wireless network, convert a LCD monitor into an AIO desktop and much more. Cost is a little high considering that just the shell comes for 17k, while the SDD and memory cost extra.


* Dimensions: 190 x 135 x 38 mm

* Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

* Processor: Intel Atom processor

* Connectivity: LAN, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity

* Ports: 2 USB 3.0 and 4 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI, VGA

* Speaker: Inbuilt speakers

Estimated street price: Rs.17, 500

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