Google blames ‘algorithm’ for directing users to Apple stock page when they typed ‘sell’

Jan 02 2013, 17:38 IST
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SummaryGoogle said its ‘algorithms seem to be keying off of the words 'sell' and 'sells'.

Internet search giant Google directed people to the page for Apple's stock as users typed in ‘sell’ in the search bar on Google Finance.

Google, for its part, said the result was due to its algorithm rather than any concerted effort to undermine Apple's stock.

The company told Search Engine Land in a statement that this was ‘no deliberate move’.

According to Mashable, Google said its ‘algorithms seem to be keying off of the words 'sell' and 'sells' in the description of this very popular stock symbol'.

The firm added that it is working on how to adjust things so it doesn’t happen again.

The report said that, Google has apparently since tweaked its algorithm so that now, when users search for 'sell' on Google Finance, it brings up a list of stocks, including Selestra, whose ticker is SELL.

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