Hotels in India gear up for single women travellers

Mar 19 2014, 12:06 IST
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'While taking a check-in the information of a female traveller is kept discreet.' 'While taking a check-in the information of a female traveller is kept discreet.'
SummaryThe single woman traveller is not looking for 'fancy services' but facilities that are focused on her priorities - safety and security

A recent survey by a metasearch engine iXiGo on 'what women want' shows that Indian women travel as frequently as once in two months (50 per cent) with 44 per cent stating spending quality time with family as their common reason for travel. The survey also confirmed that women today have become tech-savvy, with 43 per cent booking their hotels online and 76 per cent agreeing they only read reviews to make their final choice. Women prefer hotels that incorporates features that are women centric. And with the growing concerns on safety of single women travellers, the hospitality industry in India is seen to be doing their bit to cater to the 'ladies' demand and ensure their security.

As per industry experts, 10-18 per cent of their guest comprise of single women travellers. Indian hotels have begun understanding that the single women traveller is a fast growing, niche market and has tremendous potential in India. Today, women are as big spenders as men have been and are willing to pay the money as long as they can see the value. Reaching out to them and satisfying their needs will be an important factor in translating marketing into sales for hotels. Hotels that often perceive their customers as only men could be losing a lot of clientele if their practices or facilities are not tailored to suit the female customers. “With the change in trends, where more and more women are now travelling for official work trips outside the comfort zone of their home and cities, safety and security is of utmost priority. Hotels have now started becoming more considerate towards this aspect and are adopting various methods to ensure good service to the guest. Hence specially designed Single Lady Programmes help hotels to assure their lady guests a safe and sound environment,” says Ajoy Balkrishna, general manager, Grand Sarovar Premiere, Mumbai. The good news is that these measures undertaken by hotels have been very well received by single women travellers so far. “Single women travellers are happy that we have allocated a room close to the elevator, and that a lady associate has escorted her to the room. Regular guests and extended stay guests have come to expect these services from Vivanta by Taj Whitefield, Bangalore. Their needs are evolving and we need to keep raising the bar,” expresses Sunil Taneja, general manager, Vivanta by Taj Whitefield.


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