Hotels in India gear up for single women travellers

Mar 19 2014, 12:06 IST
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'While taking a check-in the information of a female traveller is kept discreet.' 'While taking a check-in the information of a female traveller is kept discreet.'
SummaryThe single woman traveller is not looking for 'fancy services' but facilities that are focused on her priorities - safety and security

Mohankumar, MD and CEO, Roots Corporation adds, “The single lady corporate traveller is the new segment who want general neutral facilities and not special things since they want to be independent, share the same space as men. Their main requirements are safety and security. It is fashionable for hotel brands to say they are focused on women travellers, but we as a brand are focused on her priorities – which is her safety and security requirements. For instance, when a lady traveller calls for room service, it is better to have a female stewardess attend to her.”

Well taken care of

After location, cost and security being the prime criterias for selecting a hotel, for 41 per cent of women surveyed in the report, facilities and services are also the top considerations. On the amenities front, 24x7 room service was named the most important one (24 per cent), while Free Wi-Fi (18 per cent), gym, swimming pool, spa and restaurants are some others that made their stay memorable. While 34 per cent women would prefer to have female hostesses for room service, offering call screening facility (20 per cent), women driven cabs (19 per cent) and separate floors for women (18 per cent) were some of the other suggestions given by women to make their stay comfortable and safer.

So how are our hotels making women's stay safer and more comfortable? Starting off with, JW Marriott has a separate/ quite section on a particular floor in the hotel dedicated to single women travellers. “Single women amenities/gifts are also given to single women staying with us. The list of the single women travellers is shared with our Loss Prevention team on a regular basis to ensure there is better patrolling and security. Also, we screen the calls which are made or received by all single lady travellers to ensure more safety. Additionally, we also have the facility of a lady doctor on call,” says Pavithran Nambiar, general manager, JW Marriott Mumbai. Facilities like in-room check in and call before servicing in the room in cases where a 'Do Not Disturb' button is activated in the room. All services including in room dining and housekeeping are carried out by lady associates, are also an added bonus to JW Marriott Mumbai.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Bangalore provides two tiered security checks at the entrance to enhance safety and security. Raghu Sapra, general manager,

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