Humshakals: Short review

Jun 28 2014, 13:13 IST
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SummaryClearly, Sajid Khan doesnt believe in less being more. In Humshakals, he ups his game three-fold.

Clearly, Sajid Khan doesnt believe in less being more. In Humshakals, he ups his game three-fold. From Hum Do Hamara Ek, he goes full tilt for Hum Do Hamare Teen, so we get everything multiplied by three.

The more the merrier? Nope. Just teen tigaada, kaam bigaada.

From past experience, you have to go into a Sajid Khan film wondering just how much of a dip there can be. This one is beyond. Idiocy is a gentle term for what is unleashed upon us.You can also call it a two-and-a-half-hour showreel of plot-less, witless, joyless offensiveness.

I am all for political incorrectness. Silliness can be great fun. Brainless doesnt have to translate to brain-dead, when it is done

with smarts. Humshakals has zero. Even in his really terrible moments, Sajid has managed to come up with one laugh-out-loud moment.

Or two. Here there are none.

Instead, theres Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh and Ram Kapoor in a threesome. Actually, if only. What we get is three Saifs, three Riteishes, and three Rams, in various stages of derangement.

And three women (Bipasha, Esha, Tamannah), who

stand around in various stages of wispy short-skirted dressage, squealing and giggling.

There are some scenes in London and Mauritius, but the film is shot mostly within what is repeatedly called a paagalkhana, studded with lots of goras behaving like Bollywoods idea of mental patients. But thats only for scenery.

Mostly the film is stuffed with Saif (looking jaded and tired) and Riteish (trying to keep his head above water) waving their hands, making faces, sticking their tongues out. Or being tied up and tortured

by a Satish Shah who thinks he is Hitler and Gaddafi and Idi Amin, all rolled into one. Or stuffing tennis balls, no footballs, down their shirt-fronts, and dashing about in lipstick and high heels and waxed legs. If there is a scarier sight than the jovial Ram Kapoor in drag, hit me with it, and I will hand you a lollipop.

Because thats what Kapoor the Third uses as a pacifier, when he is not pacing about his cell in an underground cage. Where am I going with this, did you say? Relax, dear viewers OR READERS?, this is not a spoiler, its just a little detail in this jaw-droppingly, numbingly awful plot. If you can call it one.

When the director is not taxing our brains with his story, he is taking pot-shots at his favourite targets. The seriously ill,

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