Hurting Hauritz vows to defeat Team India

Oct 09 2010, 12:04 IST
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SummaryStill fuming after being sidelined in the first Test against India, Aussie spinner Hauritz is talking tough.

Still fuming after being sidelined by his skipper in the first Test against India at Mohali, spinner Nathan Hauritz is talking tough.

Hauritz, who struggled in the first Test at Mohali and was overlooked by skipper Ricky Ponting, has vowed to hit back at his critics.

Ponting had said that he sidelined Hauritz during the nail biting final stages of the Mohali Test against India, and gave chances to part timers Marcus North and Shane Watson instead, in a bid to do something different in his quest for victory.

ďI just want them to know that Iím the spinner, Iím the guy thatís here to win the Ashes, the guy to win the next Test against India,Ē Nathan told his critics.

ďEver since Iíve played my first Test I donít think anybody has wanted me in the side - fans and that,Ē The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Hauritz, as saying.

ďI could take 10 wickets in a match, and thereíll still be someone saying they donít want me to be a part of it. They want someone else, whether itís [Jason] Krezja, Bryce McGain, now itís Steve Smith.

ďThereís always another spinner that can take my spot. I think you have to evolve with it, just accept itís a part of your life. Thereís always someone out there that thinks thereís someone better. Iíve got great backing from teammates, the captain, selectors,Ē he said.

ďIím the spinner, Iím here to do a job, and here to do a job in the Ashes. Iíve had a bad few overs, it didnít go well, but Iím going to front up again on Saturday,Ē Hauritz added.

Hauritz hopes that skipper Ponting will show confidence and allow him to bowl in Bangalore.

ďThat last session I desperately wanted the ball, but my bowling in the morning, a couple of overs there probably didnít give me the right to get the ball. We had a Test match to win, and Ponting goes to what he thinks. We were just all trying to swing the momentum back in our favour,Ē Hauritz said.

ďI have no doubts that Iím the person to do the job. Just for that period of the game, rhythm wasnít good, I couldnít land the ball where I wanted to, and it cost me a chance to bowl in the afternoon,Ē he added.

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