Hyundai Grand i10 CRDi vs Toyota Etios Liva GD: Smart packaging

Nov 23 2013, 19:10 IST
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Hyundai Grand i10 is spacious, comfortable and comes with a diesel engine, but so does the Toyota Etios Liva. Hyundai Grand i10 is spacious, comfortable and comes with a diesel engine, but so does the Toyota Etios Liva.
SummaryHyundai Grand i10 has caused quite a stir but can it outdo the established Toyota Etios Liva?

a relaxed manner. But the Hyundai lacks the outright pull of the Liva, which has a bigger motor. In fact, it takes the Grand i10 a lazy 20.25 seconds to get to 100kph, and this can be a bit of an issue when youíre overtaking on the highway.

The Liva, with a 0-100 time of 15.86 seconds, is not an exceptional performer either, but itís much better than the Hyundai. It accelerates from a standstill in a linear manner and the responsive engine means that you will never really be waiting or wanting for more power in the city. Toyota has tailored the Liva for city drivingóitís got a light clutch (but not as light as the Grand i10ís) and a smooth shifting gearbox. And youíll enjoy driving the Liva on the highway more than the Grand. The Livaís 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine also remains largely vibe-free, but it does sound a bit gravelly and is the more audible of the two, getting progressively noisier as you build revs. And this is despite Toyota improving the insulation levels on the refreshed Liva.

Ride & handling

Hyundaiís Grand i10 is exceptionally light to drive for a diesel car. The super-light clutch pedal, electric power steering and gearshifts make this car a breeze to drive in the city. Its soft suspension does a good job of dispatching speed breakers and potholes, but it does thump over big, sharp bumps. And, on patchy roads, though it shows decent composure, itís nowhere near as stable as the Liva. The light steering, while great in the city, feels a bit vague at higher speeds.

At low speeds, the Livaís ride feels a bit jiggly over uneven surfaces, but itís not jarring. Up the pace and the ride smoothens out and is comfortable. It cruises with a flat and consistent poise, giving the driver a huge amount of confidence at speed. Itís nimble for its size and easy to punt around town, thanks to a tight turning circle and light electric steering. Itís not a thrill to drive either because of its average engine, but itís still better than the Grand.

What are they like inside?

Cabin quality is the Grand i10ís forte. The minute you step into the cabin, you feel like youíve spent your money well. Slide into the comfortable driverís seat and the first thing youíll notice is the chunky, leather-wrapped steering wheel that looks like it belongs on a

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