I live for my work, says Akshay Kumar

Aug 09 2014, 11:07 IST
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SummaryRegardless of how much they miss you or are used to you, true fans never tire: Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar explains strategy of doing one film a year.

Akshay Kumar on an actor having more than one release in a year and whether he hedges risks, but also runs a chance of diminishing the opening of his second or third film releasing in the year:

This is what Akshay said: ďEach to their own! I donít make three or four films a year for a strategic benefit. I make these many films because I want to, I live for my work, whether I make or break records or not, I do what I do for the love and passion I have for it and the pure adventure that it is. Maybe one day Iíll only want to make one film a year, but again it wonít be for profit making reasons, it will be because thatís what I choose to do. Now, I canít speak for others, what they do with their time and their work schedule is entirely up to them. But I donít think making more or less movies a year makes that much of a difference to what the filmís outcome will be. If a film is good enough, people will watch it. Regardless of how much they miss you or are used to you, true fans never tire. My films make what they make and Iím not gonna disappear for a year in order to have higher collections. Thatís not me, and thatís not how I function, whether Iím right to do so or, not.Ē

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